Lord's Day Mass

Saturday: 5:15 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM

Daily Mass

Tuesday-Friday 8:00 AM

Special Edition Lenten Schedule Bulletin

The February 7, 2016 St. Elizabeth Bulletin is a "Special Edition" containing Lenten Schedules for all 3 Salina parishes, as well as a daily Lenten Calendar and a page of ideas to "Make Lent Count" for you this year! Click HERE to download a copy!

Prayer Request

Please pray for our second graders in PRE as they prepare for and receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  There are prayer cards in the mezzanine area with student names and a “Prayer Partner Prayer”.  There are 20 spaces on the card to mark each time you say this prayer.  When you have finished saying the prayer 20 time, please put it in the box and pick up another card.  We are trying to accumulate 5,000 prayers.  We will keep you posted as to how many prayer have been received.  Thank you for your willingness to help our students along their faith journey.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Souper Bowl 2016

This year’s goal is to collect 50,000 cans of soup to be divided between five non-profit agencies: Salina Rescue Mission, Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas, Ashby House, Salvation Army and Emergency Aid Food Bank. This is a very important collection to help those needing assistance in Saline County and has, over the last several years, met the yearly needs of soup for the above Agencies. The Souper Bowl of Hope Collection for 2016 begins on January 24th and ends on February 6th. Help is being sought to collect Soup at the Dillons Store, 2350 Planet Avenue, Salina on Saturday Jan 23rd, 30th, and Feb 6th from 10 am to 6pm and on Sunday Jan 24th and 31st from 1pm to 5pm. The shifts are 2 hour intervals. If you would like to assist in this collection or have any question please contact Jerry Taylor at 785-827-4413 or 785-643-6549. Donations of soup or cash may be dropped off at the church. With discount purchasing available to the Souper Bowl drive, a $25 cash donation will purchase 65 cans of soup!!

High School Discussion Group- Feb 2016

We are changing the date and time of our high school discussion group for this semester.  We will meet on Monday evenings once a month from 7:00-8:00pm.  The first meeting will be Monday, February 8th and we will meet in the Upper Lounge Area (above the offices).  The topic for this gathering is “Current Issues…What does the Bible Say”.  We will discuss current topics in the media and how the 10 Commandments answers those issues.  All high school students are welcome!

CYO 2016

CYO meets every Sunday evening from  6:00 - 7:30 PM in the CYO room at St. Mary's parish.  CYO is open to ALL high school students.  There is no paperwork, registration, or fees needed to attend our regular Sunday evening meetings.  Our Sunday evenings provide a place to gather and share your faith with other Catholic youth.  Every week is a little different, we have guest speakers, movies, prayer services, service projects, games, dance parties, and more. Please come and join us!  Please call Renee at 201-2407 if you have any questions. 

Online Giving

St. Elizabeth’s now has ONLINE GIVING!

Enjoy  Added Convenience!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support. Because of your financial support and generosity, you have planted the seeds that will enable St. Elizabeth’s to continue to grow and strengthen our Catholic Community.

Give Now



Dillons Community Rewards has once again allocated $2 million in 2016 to assist local non-profits. As a reminder, supporters must visit the dillons.com website to re-enroll in the program each year for purchases throughout 2016 to give credit to their chosen non-profit. You can choose to support St. Elizabeth’s or Salina CYO  or other charities in the Dillons Community Rewards Program.  You must  ENROLL or RE-ENROLL your Plus Shoppers Cards to participate. To enroll your Plus Shoppers Card visit www.dillons.com and create an account, if you don’t already have one.  After you have created an account you can click “Enroll” at the bottom of the screen to link your Plus Shoppers Card.
For  St. Elizabeth’s USE #10408   or 
For Salina CYO USE #38788  
in the search box to find your chosen organization.  Every qualifying purchase that you make using your Plus Shoppers Card will then benefit St. Elizabeth’s or Salina CYO!
Please contact the parish office if you need further assistance. 825-5282 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educational Videos On Web Site

Many Classes are recorded and linked to our web site.  If you would like to watch any of these educational videos, please click on Religious Education, then click on Adult Faith Formation.

Safe Environment Training

All those who minister to children or young people are to be educated about the nature of child sexual abuse, how it is perpetrated, how to report it, and strategies for prevention.  The Diocese of Salina has implemented a training program by the name of “VIRTUS”.  VIRTUS is a national program, widely in use in dioceses throughout the United States. It is a web-based on-line training program that specializes in helping churches and religious organizations create safe environments for children and youth.  The program is mandatory for all adults [employees or volunteers] who interact on a regular basis with children in the Salina Diocese. To learn more or begin training, CLICK HERE.

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