St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
1000 Burr Oak Lane + Salina, KS 67401

Perpetual Adoration Chapel

The Perpetual Adoration Chapel was organized at the request of a group of interested people in the late 1990's, with the permission of Bishop Fitzsimmons and the cooperation of local pastors. It was originally located in a room of the Catholic Charities offices at 10th St. and Iron Ave. When St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish drew plans for the new church, and in consideration of the need for space for the expanded services at Catholic Charities, the chapel was relocated to the new church building at St. Elizabeth's.

The practice of Perpetual Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament has returned to favor after many years of diminished use. It gives individuals the opportunity to dedicate an hour of prayer at the same time every week for the praise of God's gift of Jesus' continued presence with us in the Eucharist. It affords the opportunity to pray for our personal needs, the many needs of our Church and the world, spiritual reading, contemplation and meditation. It offers a sacred space of quiet in our busy lives in which to center ourselves in God, hear God's word for us and be inspired to good works out of love for Him.

Please consider joining those from the three Salina parishes who pray regularly in the Chapel. For a listing of hours in need of a volunteer or for more information, please contact those listed here.


Contact Name Phone
Adoration Chapel Coordinator Stephanie Bellerive 785-823-3401
Sunday Contact Mona Mars 785-826-5503
Monday Contact Susan Hellmer 785-827-5816 / 785-820-0190
Tuesday Contact Peggy Hebert 785-823-2713
Wednesday Contact Marlene Bonilla 785-825-4842 /785- 342-0130
Thursday Contact Claudia Segoviano 785-829-3041 / 785-392-9905
Friday Contact Lou Tryon 785-827-8053
Saturday Contact Mary Beth Wesley 785-825-5168